Indian Wedding Dresses Ideas For Groom to Nail His Wedding Look

Indian wedding dresses ideas for groom

We, most of the time, just ignore men’s fashion and somehow female fashion is overshadowing men’s attire so we don’t pay too much attention in the diversities of grooms’ dresses. But in reality, grooms’ dresses are not minor regarding looks or fashion. Well men also dreams about his D-day look and eventually comes the look of his wedding dress.

The groom has to choose his dress according to his personality and the rituals. The dress should be eye- catchy and elegant which will also attract his lady-love.

The Haldi ceremony is a common ritual of any wedding, bait of any cast or culture or religion. So the dress for haldi should be light-hued and weighed. There is nothing better than ethnic wear for wedding ceremony. The reception look can be done with contemporary western suit or kurta. Well, the look also differs according to culture and religion and the are some indian wedding dresses ideas for groom.


The kurta and pyjama consists of loose and comfortable drawstring trousers and a long, loose knee-length shirt with both end slits. In has intricate embroidery which gives it a very rich look. Pyjamamay either be tight-fitting or loose-fitting. A duppatta can be taken with it to provide an ethnic look.

Jodhpuri Suit:

If you want a combo of the Indian tradition and the Western sensibilities then Jodhpuri suits are perfect for you. It is three-piece dress-which includes a coat, a shirt, and formal trousers. The coat is shorter than the achkan and the sherwani which is quite similar to the length of a Western coat. It opens in the front and has embroidery along the button line and the collar. The trousers and the coat have the same color.

Western Suits:

When the traditional Indian groom wants to be more modern then he can decide to wear a western suit with or without a waistcoat. Accessories like Tiepins, a brooch or a dazzling watch with formal shoes add to the additional charm of the look.


It is a traditional turban which has a jeweled brooch pinned to the front or has a delicate feather, which is called kilangi, aligned on the top. It symbolizes pride as the groom is presented himself as a king. It is made of silk or brocade with fine embroidery and beaded folds.


The sehra are the flower-vines which are hanging over the front of that safa. Sehra is kept on the turban to keep away evil.

The contemporary wedding dresses for grooms have got new looks from the wedding dress designers. They are always experimenting with patterns and colors every time. As a result of it, the bandh gala sherwanis, asymmetric kurtas and suits are getting a huge place in grooms’ wardrobe. The trousers are also not be ignored. There are several kinds of trousers and pajamas in the list of favorites. Patiala pant type, dhoti pattern, skinny etc. are very popular and also very elegant in style and can opt for a perfect Indian wedding dresses ideas for the groom.

“Here are some Indian wedding dresses ideas for the bride that will help the would-be brides to rock her.”