Planning A Perfect Sangeet Ceremony

Planning a Perfect Sangeet Ceremony

Indian weddings are incomplete without a Sangeet. Sangeet ceremony has become an essential part of Indian weddings as it brings both the families of the bride and groom together to enjoy a fabulous musical party.

Planning and Organising a perfect Sangeet ceremony is a different task altogether. Keeping your wedding day in mind, you must plan your Sangeet accordingly, so on your big day, you are all fresh and happy.

In this article, we let you know about how to plan your Sangeet and make it the most memorable night of the wedding.

Selecting a venue:
Choosing the right place is the most significant part of the Sangeet ceremony. There are some factors you have to consider, firstly the scale of the ceremony and the number of guests attending it. Another important thing is the budget; you must have a budget for the Sangeet as it is one such event in which you will spend the most next to the wedding.

Venues are tricky to choose regardless of the location. You have to take into consideration the weather and time of the event. If you are planning to have a summer wedding, the weather conditions to have a sangeet ceremony in an open area or a ground would be tiresome. It would make sense to book a banquet hall which is large enough to accommodate your guests with proper air conditioning and other facilities. Sticking to banquet halls is a safe bet as they have all the necessary services to satisfy you and your guests.

Sangeet Decoration:
Sangeet decoration begins with the type of theme and outfits you are planning for your Sangeet. All of it should coordinate to look beautiful in pictures and videos. Make sure you have a stage big enough to perform with proper lighting and props as they will have an impact on how everything looks. Build a beautiful photo corner where your loved ones can click lovely pictures and have couple seating area closer to the stage so the bride and groom can enjoy various family performances. Also, have an area as a dance floor where everyone can get together and dance the night off. Create and decorate a walkway for the bride and groom for their special entry in the venue.

Catering for the Sangeet:
Food is most important when it comes to the wedding. By taking an extra step and appointing an excellent catering service will make the guests happy. Keep the menu light as after the Sangeet you might need to re-energize yourself with food that is not to heavy on the tummy. Make sure you have juices on the menu to keep you hydrated during the dance break.
Also, if you want to arrange alcoholic drinks for your Sangeet, you will have to get a Liquor License. If your guests are the ones who will enjoy having some cocktails, then having a bar corner is a must.

Appointing a Choreographer and an Anchor:
Sangeet means some serious dancing and also lots of dance-offs with opposing teams. Which means regardless whichever side you belong to the Bride’s or the Groom’s you want to win. By appointing a choreographer for the dance makes your life way more comfortable as you don’t have to work on the choreography. By learning it from the choreographer, you are good to go. The choreographer will help you with a perfect Sangeet playlist to beat your opposing team. Get a good DJ as it will make a world of difference when performing and also, get a proper PPL and IPRS license for using music.

Appoint an Anchor for the night as he/she will tie all the things together. They are pros when it comes to any event, and they know how to handle everything related to performances and music. They make the Sangeet exciting with their humor and excellent anchoring.

Sangeet is truly special in every way, you, your family and friends have a blast celebrating your wedding. Just keep in mind these points and host an exceptional Sangeet to remember for the rest of your life.

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