How to create a wedding budget

 Planning for any wedding, one in complete glitz or an intimate wedding, requires significant money. With a big fat wedding, you must know the cost of arranging such a spectacle. To do so, one must list things and plan to execute the wedding flawlessly. 

At every step of wedding planning, you will be amazed to realise how much a simple wedding set-up would cost! And to plan a wedding with a set budget, you need to watch over each facet of your wedding because beautiful wedding decor, garments, catering service, photographers, and gifts come with a big price tag.

Let us help you to plan your wedding budget and also help you understand what aspects of your wedding you should prioritise. 

Define your budget 

Planning for any wedding starts with drafting the budget for it. Sufficient funds should back up your dream wedding. Understand the type of wedding you are planning for or if there is a contribution from your parents. Once you know the budget that will back your dream wedding, you can categorise every segment and specify a precise budget for it. 

Type of Wedding 

What type of wedding would you like to have? This is the first question you should ask yourself before planning anything. Whether you want your wedding to be grand or wish to have an intimate wedding ceremony depends on your preference and the budget you have for the wedding. 

The type of wedding will help you understand the finances required for the same. 

Make a Guest List

Make a guest list for your wedding day. The guest list will again depend upon the type of wedding you have finalised for yourself. The guest list will primarily include your immediate family and close friends if you plan an intimate wedding ceremony. For a grand wedding, it will be a longer guest list, including extended family, all of your relatives, friends and family friends. So be mindful of the guest list while planning for the wedding day. 

Decide on Venue 

Once you decide on the wedding type and the guest list, you can go ahead and decide on a venue. For an intimate wedding ceremony, you can go for a smaller venue and for a more extravagant ceremony; you can book a larger one. 

Plan your logistics well if you decide to have a destination wedding with only close family and friends. Choose a venue closer to the airport or train station to save on costs. The weather also plays a crucial role when choosing a wedding venue, so consider this aspect. 

Nowadays you have so many options for your wedding like luxe resorts, hotels and banquets. So choose a venue that suits your requirements the best. 

Plan for a Wedding Buffet 

The wedding buffet takes a substantial amount of your budget, rightfully so; delicious food served to the guests completes a wedding. So a well-planned wedding buffet will help you with your budget. Even if you are planning an extravagant wedding, avoid having a lavish wedding buffet with an extensive menu, as it will lead to food wastage. There is only so much a person will eat, so avoid such a wedding buffet. The wedding venue usually has catering services, so you don’t have to worry about the caterers. 

Wedding Planners/Organisers 

You can appoint a wedding planner or organiser to help plan your dream wedding. They are experts in the field of wedding production and wedding planning. They will give the right advice when it comes to organising your wedding. They understand your budget and help you categorise it perfectly, so you don’t waste money on unnecessary things. Also, you are at peace on your wedding day, knowing someone is looking after everything. So do hire a wedding planner or organiser if you have the budget. 

Prioritise your things 

Even though everything about your wedding is essential, it is paramount that you prioritise things. When you prioritise, it is easier to allocate your budget to the right wedding segment. If you want the best wedding decor, you must prioritise and distribute a large sum of your budget to your wedding decor. Like this, you must understand and prioritise. Make a priority list, so it’s easier to understand your requirements. 

Even wedding photography is an expensive affair. So ensure you have enough budget for wedding photography. As in the era of social media, wedding photography is a must.  Plan in advance to ensure your wedding plans are good. Book your wedding venues, caterers, photographers, and decorators well in advance to get the best for your wedding. Remember, these days; you can have a lavish wedding on a budget if you plan your wedding finances properly. So budget wisely.