Special Wedding Themes for 2023

2023 is here, and are you planning for your wedding? Then we are here to help you choose from the trending wedding themes of 2023. 

You will find a perfect wedding theme, no matter what style or theme you prefer. But how do you decide if the theme is ideal for you? How do you know you want a rustic or elegant wedding? Wedding themes in 2023 are more than rustic and elegant. Let’s learn more about wedding themes. 

What is a wedding theme? It is a concept that reflects throughout the events and ceremonies of the wedding. This could be uncomplicated, like your favourite colour, or a Bollywood theme inspired. 

Following are some trending themes that will be popular in 2023. 

Moroccan Themed Wedding

Moroccan theme weddings are elaborate and festive. The couples look forward to the rich, vivid shades, detailed lanterns, and flowing fabrics that define the wedding theme. There is also a minimalist version of the Moroccan-themed wedding, which is popular amongst the bride and the groom. So pick your style as per your preference. 

Themes that focus on Sustainability

These days weddings focus on Sustainability. Sometimes, weddings can create a risk to the environment. To prevent it, couples choose sustainable & eco-friendly wedding themes. You can choose any theme and have sustainable alternatives. The sustainable style is popular among environmentally conscious people. The couples opt for e-invites to eradicate the use of paper and, in turn, save trees. The couples also consider recycled or reused decor for their wedding to avoid waste. Such wedding themes are on trend these days. 

It is crucial to have sustainable choices in your wedding regardless of the trend. Be mindful, as small steps like these help our environment significantly. 

Ice Blue Weddings for Winters 

Planning for a winter wedding? Then the Ice Blue wedding theme will be trendy this winter 2023. If you are a fan of blue and white, then you will have the most fun assembling wedding decor that takes inspiration from the wintery elements. There is something about the winter season which blends smoothly with weddings. So if you want your wedding to be elegant and distinctive, Ice Blue wedding is your theme.

Secret Garden-Themed Wedding 

Picture stepping into the garden of spring full of blooms everywhere. Suddenly you come across table settings, parasols, canopies, and the lush forest-like area created just for you. Sounds magical ! so, book a private location in the city or countryside and have your spring-themed wedding. There is so much you can do with this wedding – you can contrast nature against the city’s concrete walls to create a twist or a stunning photoshoot for your wedding. Also, you can have a fairytale-like photoshoot or wedding ceremony too. 

Vintage Themed Weddings

Specific periods in history are romantic and visually breathtaking. And you may feel like you were born in the wrong decade, unable to experience the beauty of getting married in that era. So, don’t worry, vintage-themed weddings are back!

Choose a vintage wedding theme that looks pretty and resonates with you. You can also add a modern touch to vintage-themed weddings.  

Boho Themed-Weddings

A Boho-themed wedding combines vintage and modern wedding decor elements. Think earthy fragments, dreamy linens, and tons of flowers. Boho wedding themes are all about free spirits, a diverse mix of textures and hues and hippie-inspired wedding decor. It’s perfect for brides and grooms who want to enjoy the best elements of traditional style but with a twist.

Rustic Themed Weddings

A rustic theme has been trendy for a long time with couples, and for all the right reasons. It’s an ideal wedding theme for fall/winter weddings. Additionally, to can get creative with it. The rustic theme includes vintage decor, music and natural colours. This wedding theme is also used for a wedding reception for its cool vibe. Rustic-themed weddings are going nowhere in 2023; we are here for it to see how creative you will be for this one.  Choose a wedding theme that connects with you. Even though it’s fun to be on trend with the wedding theme, if you don’t like any trendy wedding themes, select a theme that works for you as a couple. Regardless of your choice, make your guests a part of the experience. They are the audience of your wedding and giving them a multi-sensory experience will make your wedding memorable.