Wedding Trends in 2021 Set by The Pandemic – The New Era of Marriage!

Marriages are a precious day for two souls and an album of never-ending memories for many people. It takes all the little and considerable efforts to execute a successful wedding event. Everyone in a wedding ceremony wants to enjoy every moment: the marriage hall decorations, the rituals, endless photo sessions, dancing, singing, tasting the delicacies, everything matters for a successful wedding. 

However, due to the global pandemic, social gatherings got banned everywhere. People had to postpone their wedding days because of it. But as weddings are a massive part of Indian culture, they can never be complete with the rituals. When situations started to get better, the Indian government announced that marriage halls could organize weddings, but they had to follow some restrictions to be safe from the deadly virus.

If you are a soon-to-be bride, groom, or family looking for the best marriage halls in thane, it will be helpful to know the wedding trends in 2021. There were some unique wedding trends in 2020, and it is a good thing to say that we got a lot of successful weddings with those trends. But as of 2021, there is a new era of the big fat Indian wedding.

What is the new 2021 wedding trend?

If you are an Indian, you can understand the minimum guest count in a big fat Indian wedding. It’s always more than hundreds and thousands of people celebrating the day two people tie the knot. However, the pandemic made it a bit tricky yet cozy for people. According to the social gathering restrictions, a wedding ceremony can have only 50 guests. Well, having the closest ones with you on your special day is always better than taking pictures with people you haven’t ever seen before. Isn’t it? It is what we call the micro wedding trend.

Digital wedding

Even though it sounds a bit strange but it a true. If everything can happen digitally, then why not a wedding? Imagine your sister getting married in one of the best banquet halls in thane, and you are stuck in a different city or maybe another country. That won’t be very comforting. But so what if you can’t be there physically? You can still be present with your closest people in their precious moments digitally. You can participate in games, give a speech for them or even dance to a particular song dedicated to them. When someone is close to your heart, a few miles cannot keep you apart. 

Demand for a destination wedding

Well. Who doesn’t want a destination wedding? Most of the time, couples have to skip destination weddings because of the number of guests. Indian weddings are always filled with guests, and it’s nearly impossible to have a destination wedding with so many people. However, since the protocols are highly restricted that only 50 people can attend a wedding, it’s an excellent opportunity for the couples to execute destination weddings with their closest ones.

ConclusionIt’s time to execute your dream wedding with a twist. Find a luxurious ac wedding hall in a thane-like iLeaf Ritz Banquet hall to experience the best.

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